The SchplitZing Network launch: February 23rd 2012

the Café Society , Bändlistrasse 30, 8064 Zürich, stellt die neue Version ihres Medien -Kunst -Netzwerkes SchplitZing allen Interessierten zum downloaden bereit. Download

Hier ein Intro von the Café Society zur Idee von SchplitZing

SchplitZing is an attempt to materialise the immaterial structure of thoughts. With the use simultaneity and cross-linking, we bring forth aspects of mental reasoning that have long been suppressed in the digital world. Content is told rather than presented, in the context of other content?thoughts, images, found or invented material.
In its latest version, SchplitZing writes a new chapter in the book of artistic representation; the new CMS boasts a powerful Network feature, enabling authors to related their material to that of other authors, and create walkable bridges between creative minds.
The SchplitZing Network launch: February 23rd 2012, 20:00 

the Woods, Bändlistrasse 30, 8064 Zürich